T.I., Killer Mike, Meek Mill & More Hip Hop Stars React To Donald Trump Winning The Presidency


(AllHipHop News) Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

The Republican candidate was named the winner of the 2016 election and many Hip Hop celebrities reacted to the news on social media.








We sorry guys…I swear on my life,If I could’ve done more I would’ve. We all deserve better. We just gotta live through this&prepare ourselves for what’s next. We appreciate what you guys tried to do for US ALL as a nation. Unfortunately we weren’t ALL ready for the change you wanted to bring about. Still, we love you & appreciate you for the HOPE your gave our community. We’ll miss y’all!!!! But Unfortunately, it seems like we’ve been brought back to a worse place than we were in before. In your honor we’ll remain honorable,respectable & continue to strive for greatness. I’ll never let our dream die!!! WE CAN STILL DO IT!!!!

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Money and entertainment rules America! That’s a fact!

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#fact RP #teamLOVE

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I was gonna stress myself to sleep. But f### that (I’m cussing sorry) I’m NOT letting this stress me out one bit. Don’t get me wrong I am MAD AS HELL. But I have to practice what I preach. The amount of time I devote to meditating and not letting speculation or bad energy rule my life—for me to just spazz out would be counter productive. I’ll be honest I went through 6 drafts of this. Erasing every last word cause I didn’t even believe it as i typed it. I’m just saying: I got a laundry list to the top of Mt Fuji of things I’ve overcome and still managed to survive—I’m just praying whatever strength I was given to make it through the hard times of yesteryear, that this strength and power revive me and all of my people (women, those of different religious background, LGBTQIAs, prisoners, the poor, the imm—look it’s 4am…—I don’t feel like doing an 8th draft—some of my friends gonna be angry as all hell. Some will point fingers—nevermind….I got nothing. Right now. —nothing

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Convos, with my 14yr old daughter at 6am!!!!!! SMH!!

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Good am y’all , let’s b joyful of today we all Knw that the world will definitely end one day but as long as we are here my as well get ya self right with God , follow ur dreams and take care of yo people . Instead of noticing a hater , let them notice u. Have a blessed one

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