Tamron Hall Says Kanye Should Call Kenny G To Mend His Broken Heart; Jazz Player Smoothly Replies

Kenny G. Tamron Hall and Kanye West

Tamron Hall said the only thing that surprised her in her entire career, was Kanye West’s collaboration with Kenny G!

Kenny G guest-starred on Tamron Hall’s talk show and shared how the GRAMMY winning-saxophone player linked up with Kanye West for the song, “Use This Gospel,” on the 2019 Jesus is King album.

He shared that it all started with Kim.

Hall said Kenny G is one of the artists who provided the “soundtrack” of the lives of her audience. They talked about his upcoming album, New Standards, and his HBO documentary called “Music Box: Listening to Kenny G.”

Tamron Hall shared that the only thing that ever surprised her about Kenny’s career was his “collaboration with Kanye West.”

Kenny G. Tamron Hall and Kanye West.

With a smile and slight shrug, he talked about how cool it was to work with him.

“The Kanye thing didn’t surprise me at all,” he shared with Hall on her Wednesday episode of the “Tamron Hall Show.”

The two had met in 2019 when Kanye enlisted Kenny G to serenade Kim Kardashian for Valentine’s Day.

“When I met him, and after I did that serenade…he took me to the studio and played me some of his music,” he continued. “There was one particular song I said, ‘Bro, look, you got to let me play on this song.’ And he let me take the music home and I did my thing and he really loved it.”

It seems that Kenny really liked Yeezy, sharing that “He’s a great guy too.”