Tax Stone Discusses Lashing Out At Joe Budden During Podcast (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Tax Stone has one of the top urban podcasts on the internet, but it was his Tax Season episode featuring Joe Budden that garnered the New York resident significant coverage in the blogosphere. Budden got Tax heated after the 50 minute discussion continued to go downhill from a clear lack of chemistry over the questions and answers.

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Tax spoke with ForbezDVD Co-CEO M. Reck about his awkward interview with the Slaughterhouse member. A trailer of the conversation included Tax stating, “F*ck all of Joe Budden’s fans.” The full video has now been released.

“He’s lucky the interview went that long. I could have been dead it,” said Tax. “People look at it like, ‘He flipped out of nowhere.’ That was not out of nowhere. That was a build up of sh*t. I continuously told the dude to stop talking to me like I’m one of your bartenders, like I’m one of your b*tches from a Third World country.”

Despite believing Budden was purposely being disrespectful by trying to insult his intelligence, Tax felt he actually held his composure. Stone went on to add there is no beef between the two podcast hosts, and he is open to having a further conversation.

Even if Tax and Joe do not meet face-to-face in public again, Tax Season and The Joe Budden Podcast will still be competing in the digital space since both shows drop on Wednesdays.

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Watch Tax Stone’s interview below.