Tay-K Sends Message To Fans About Life Changes He Made Since Being Incarcerated


Rapper shares how living in the system all of his life did not give him a foundation for success.

Rapper Tay-K is celebrating a recent victory even from behind bars.

On Thursday, March 23, the chart-topper’s 2017 song “The Race” reportedly just surpassed 1 billion streams, according to Daily Rap Facts.

The Texas native was unable to celebrate as most artists would by partying with friends and family— but he did make sure those who support him knew his gratitude for them standing by him.

He actually got deep and spoke about the changes he is making in his life. He also placed emphasis on growing up in the system aiding some of the bad decisions he made in his very young life.

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Tay-K wrote a letter to fans from his jail cell that reads:

“Yo! I’m sitting here thinking about all my fans. I love and miss y’all. I know there’s a lot that I haven’t directly spoke on and there R many things my fans know but I’m not sure everybody else does. I’ve been here for 5 ½ years now and I feel indebted to y’all for going so crazy behind me.

It’s still crazy to me that I never had a chance to live outside as an adult. I’ve been locked up and in and out of the “justice” and CPS system 4 my whole life. Not sure if y’all know but I got sentenced as an adult to 55 years in prison for a crime where I wasn’t even the shooter. I wasn’t even alleged to have a gun. I was never even suspected to have pulled a trigger or hurt anyone. I was young and didn’t have no positive figures around.

Now that I’m older, I know how important focusing on leading by example is. I love my fans and I don’t want any 1 to think I’m promoting or really recommending violence. That’s why I really dedicated a lot of my time in here to using the success of my music to have a positive impact on other young artists, even if it is something small like taking a phone call or writing a letter to keep them positively inspired, regardless of my situation. The movement is Eternal. #RR4L.”

Tay-K was 19 when he was sent to jail.

As reported by AllHipHop.com he and arrested and charged for a crime he committed when he was a minor. Based on his sentence, the artist will be between 60 and almost 80 years old when he is released.