TDE Prez Punch Debates Fans Over “Demonic Influence” In Music Industry

aroomfullofmirrors Punch

The music executive discusses Doja Cat, DMX, and demons.

Top Dawg Entertainment president Terrence “Punch” Henderson ignited a heated conversation online earlier this month. His comments about the music industry generated a lot of feedback and blowback.

“Where is the inspiration?” he began. “Where are the [artists]?? This thing is shifting. It’s a dark cloud looming over the business. Who is the last artist that really spoke to you??”

Ten days later, Punch returned to Twitter (X) to add, “The demonic influence is getting more and more blatant in this thing. The gradualism was numbing, now it’s just out loud.”

That August 27 post sparked responses from other social media users. One person suggested that many Hip-Hop songs glorify violence and addiction. Punch responded, “This whole system is wicked.”

Someone else argued that former TDE star Kendrick Lamar wearing a crown of thorns, à la Jesus Christ, was “demonic.” Punch replied, “I’m not here to speak on what anyone should or shouldn’t be doing. Everyone [has] their personal beliefs and so do I.”

Other users expressed Punch’s attention should be less on demons or spirits and more on capitalism or anti-Blackness. He offered, “You think any of those things you mentioned aren’t of demonic influence??????? The way I see it, capitalism is a result of human imperfection. And that doesn’t get better. Sheesh I sound morbid.”

Punch Directly Responds To Posts About Doja Cat & DMX

Certain imagery presented by recording artists like Doja Cat and the late DMX came up as well.

“[People] are upset with Doja? And nah, I personally wasn’t into what X was doing with that,” Punch admitted in response to a tweet about DMX’s classic 1998 album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot.

“Nah, not singling out her or anyone but just in general. And also I’ve read her next joint is called ‘Demon,’ right?” he said about Doja Cat’s upcoming single.

In addition, a Twitter user named Nate Miller posted, “Looking forward to the day that Christianity doesn’t have this grip on the Black community.” Punch then asked, “Well, what is it that [has] a grip on you, my brother Nate?”

After several back-and-forth exchanges with other people on the app, Punch conceded that artists likely engage in “demonic” imagery as a way to trigger people like himself. That outrage can possibly lead to social media engagement and mainstream attention.

Furthermore, Punch addressed the topic by posting, “Wait… is demonic like one of them words you can’t say? I didn’t know that was off the table for discussion. My fault.” He also expressed, “It’s more than the music business. It’s everywhere.”

As president of Top Dawg Entertainment, Terrence “Punch” Henderson played a role in the careers of Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad, Doechii, Reason and others. Henderson is also a member of the aroomfullofmirrors collective.