Tee Grizzley Addresses Aunt/Manager’s Passing In “Satish”

Tee Grizzley is morning the loss of his aunt, who was killed in a drive-by shooting.

(AllHipHop News) Just one month ago, Tee Grizzley lost his aunt and manager Jobina “JB” Brown who was shot dead in his hometown of Detroit.

The “First Day Out” rapper has remained rather quiet since then, grieving the loss of Jobina, who was not only a family member but also a parental figure in his life.


The Detroit native just unleashed a brand new single titled “Satish,” with a video to match.

Sharing to his 3.5 million followers on Instagram, he posted a clip with the caption: “They ain’t take your heart from you they took my heart from me ”

Directed by Jerry Production, the three and a half-minute visual has Grizzley addressing all the pain and grief from losing his closest loved one.

Audiences are able to see footage of Jobina Brown inside video, as Tee pours his soul out on the record.


In another IG post Tee Grizzley revealed they had been joined at the hip since 12 years old.

He spits, “And you think they came for her? / Man you know they came for me / They took my heart and brains, n##gas know that I can’t think.”