Tee Grizzley Funding Security Deposits To Move Families Out Of Shelter

Tee Grizzley

Rapper Tee Grizzley’s donation helps three families at COTS’ Peggy’s Place by funding security deposits and providing household essentials.

Tee Grizzley surprised three families residing in COTS’ Peggy’s Place shelter in Detroit with a generous donation that will fund their security deposits and household essentials. 

His philanthropic gesture aims to help these families transition from the emergency shelter into stable housing. 

The Detroit-based Hip-Hop artist visited the shelter operated by the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS) to make the heartfelt announcement.

Tee Grizzley revealed his contribution would cover the security deposits for three families, effectively removing a significant barrier to permanent housing. 

In addition, his donation will provide these families with new household items to furnish their homes.

During his visit, Tee Grizzley shared his personal connection to the struggles facing the families at Peggy’s Place. 

COTS expressed gratitude for Tee Grizzley’s unexpected generosity in a touching Instagram post

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“Woooow what a selfless and random act of kindness thank you Tee Grizzley! Your generosity and compassion are truly inspiring! By covering the security deposits for three families at COTS’ Peggy’s Place, you have not only given them a fresh start by moving out of the emergency shelter but also provided them with the opportunity to rebuild their lives in a more stable environment,” the post read.

COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter) operates various support services and initiatives aimed at helping families transition from homelessness to stable housing. 

Peggy’s Place provides temporary housing and support services critical for families in crisis.

Through this contribution, Tee Grizzley aims to impact these families positively and inspire others in the community to support organizations like COTS.