Singapore Teen Slams Forever 21 Store For Playing Rap Music


While shopping at a Forever 21 store in Singapore, a teen was appalled when her retail therapy was  accompanied by rap music.

Yahoo reports that 17-year-old Gabrielle Singh, the daughter of the Singaporean actor Gurmit Singh, wrote an open letter to the retailer blasting them for “blaring rap music” the moment she entered the store.

In her letter she wrote: “Earlier today, around 8pm, I was in your Somerset 313 outlet. I was there with my mother and my baby sister, and the moment we stepped in, your store was blaring rap music. Fine. I don’t mind rap. What I did mind was the lyrics, which declared “half you b###### like p#### too.”

The song that caused her to clutch her pearls happens to be “PWA” by the Houston bred hip-hop trio 5th Ward Boyz.

She continued to call 0ut the store and voice her disgust for their choice of soundtracks, saying it’s not appropriate for their majority of shoppers.

“You are a store that thirteen-year-old girls frequent. You are a store that women can bring their children to. While I was shopping, I saw a woman, her husband, and their two-year-old son. I saw a couple of girls no older than fourteen. You are that kind of store.”

Singh continued “It disgusts me that while we’re trying to deal with problems of rape, assault, and misogyny, your store took the liberty to p### all over all that. You fed a bunch of kids the idea that boys deserve sex, and girls are sex toys. Great job, Forever 21.”

The manager of that location caught wind of the letter and issued an apology.

“F21 has responded and apologised for the music, which is pretty great!,” Singh wrote on her Tumblr.

Read the letter here.