Tekashi 6ix9ine Finally Leaves L.A. After Allegedly Getting Robbed

The controversial rapper was supposedly stuck up in Los Angeles.

(AllHipHop News) The self-proclaimed King of New York, rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, has been causing quite a stir this week during his trip to Los Angeles.

On Friday, he had a tourist-like photoshoot in front of a Nipsey Hussle mural on Crenshaw. While he intended to show some respect to the fallen soldier, many thought quite the opposite.

In fact, The Game straight up called him a “disrespectful rat” and warned him that he better stop playing.

But rumors are now circulating that there were others folk out West who may have sent the message to Mr. Gooba to not only stop playing but that he is not welcomed.


These claims say that he was stuck up on Thursday, and the perpetrators copped a quarter of a million dollars worth of jewelry and cash.

Despite having goo-gobs of security, thugs came up and made him run his bag.

It is said that an LA gang member after robbing him took to his social media and posted, “Got em.” He deleted the post as he was informed that though he was stunting heavy, he also was “self-snitching.”

Speaking of snitching ….

While in LA, Tekashi not only claimed to be the King of LA but also said that he was “Batman” and “put a lot of bad guys away.” He encouraged kids to be like him because it has made him a really rich (rat)man.