Terrence Howard Says “Empire” Used His Face As A Logo And Ripped Him Off

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard has a problem with 20th Century Fox for using his face as the logo for the hit show “Empire” and refusing to pay him!

Terrence Howard is suing 20th Century Fox over his continuous association with the hit series “Empire.”

Terrence starred as “Lucious Lyon” for six seasons of “Empire,” until the series crashed in the wake of the Jussie Smollett alleged fake hate crime scandal.

Terrence alleges 20th Century Fox is using his image and likeness for the logo for the series, yet they have not compensated him a penny. He says the creators of the show never even sought authorization to use his face to be the logo for “Empire.”

The actor insists someone simply took a still photo of him in a scene from the hit 2005 movie “Hustle & Flow,” added a few filters, and used the reworked image for “Empire.”

Terrence Howard says he would have made a lot more cash had 20th Century Fox properly licensed his image.

The actor is suing for damages, as well as a full accounting of all the money “Empire” has made selling merchandise using the logo.