Terry Crews Snaps On Journalist Over False Narrative That He Is Sweaty and Doesn’t Shower

Terry Crews

Terry Crews says he has to shower up to three times a day because he sweats so much. So how did he end up being dragged into the “anti-bathing” debate?

Terry Crews has spoken out on his stance on bathing after a journalist “misrepresented” his comments.

The 53-year-old “America’s Got” Talent host recently revealed he showers up to three times a day because he sweats so much, but added, “if you ain’t been sweating, you don’t need to shower.”

Journalist Richard Newby tweeted an article with Terry‘s comments and said, “I am 110% not surprised that every celebrity to come out as anti-bathing has been either white or Terry Crews,” prompting a Twitter exchange between the pair.

“But I am 110% surprised that you’re a ‘writer’ who actually never read the article…” said the “White Chicks” star, prompting Richard to reply: “But the thing is, I did, Terry.

“I’m glad you shower, man. That’s great. But the whole ‘First of all, if you ain’t been sweating, you don’t need to shower,’ fits under anti-bathing.”

Terry responded, “Ok Mr. Writer… who alive doesn’t sweat?”

Things got even more heated after a fan asked Richard, “Why do celebs come after you like that?,” who chimed: “Lol. I don’t care at all. If he wants to get defensive about the dumb thing he said about showering that’s on him.”

“I’m not defensive at all. You’re the award winning writer for @THR. I’m just an actor,” insisted Terry. “I clearly stated I am not anti-bathing yet you contend that’s what I meant. So you have no responsibility to be correct when you tweet?”

The actor went on to say he doesn’t mind having a disagreement, “but it’s quite another thing to be misrepresented. Especially by a respected member of the media.”