Really Epic Art From Tupac Classic “Don Killuminati” Is Selling As An NFT

Tupac Shakur

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tupac’s “Makaveli” album, fans will have a chance to win an NFT on him on the cross.

Do you want to own the rights to Tupac Shakur’s Don Killuminati album art?

You might have a chance after the estate has sanctioned an NFT sale of the visual from one of his most prolific albums.

As the world prepares to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, fans will have a chance to own a piece of history for themselves. 

This project was the only album the late Death Row artist recorded under his alias Makaveli and had hits like “Hail Mary” and “To Live In Die In L.A.”

Selling anything connected with Tupac, the son of Afeni Shakur, a former Black Panther, has been lucrative in the last few decades. 

As reported by, his god-father and former high school girlfriend sold personal notes, poems, and art renderings from the artists from the early part of his life ranging from 9 years old to his young adult life.

The piece being made into an NFT, according to TMZ, is the cover art that displays Shakur as Jesus the Christ, the Christian incarnate and only-begotten Son of God, on the cross with a crown of thorns during his Good Friday crucifixion. 

People were outraged in 1996, two months after his death, when the picture went to market with a parental advisory sticker covering his crotch.

Ronald “Riskie Forever” Brent created the original painting, which Pac handpicked to be the album cover for the legendary album because he felt it represented him being crucified by the media. 

Heritage Auctions is selling the original, physical painting to the highest bidder starting today (May 17th) through June 18th. The 1 of 1 NFT has also been created for a sweepstake being held as well. 

One lucky winner will get the 1 of 1 collectible Gold NFT, 50 winners will get a Chrome NFT, and 100 winners will receive a collectible tagged NFT of the artwork. 

Fans can enter by signing up for a Zelus Wallet.