The Bay Area Continues To Protest, As Rallies Erupt In Berkeley


(AllHipHop News) Recent verdicts not to indict the police officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have resulted in multiple demonstrations nationwide, as protesters have marched against increasing police violence at the expense of minorities.

The Bay Area, which historically has rallied for a number of social causes, joined the fray by launching protests in San Francisco, Oakland and most recently in Berkeley, where marches have been underway all weekend.

AllHipHop was on hand as a peaceful demonstration which began at UC Berkeley erupted into violence, as students and protesters were met with assault rifles and gas masks before being bombarded by tear gas and rubber bullets on Saturday, December 6. The following night, California Highway 24 was shut down as protesters swarmed the freeway, closing it completely.

A local Trader Joe’s was also looted and rioters unconnected with the initial protest were seen breaking windows in with skateboards. Multiple protesters have been injured and two officers reportedly suffered minor injuries as well. 11 have been arrested in Berkeley thus far.

Take a look at some of the pictures below: