The Biggest Diva: J Lo And Mariah Carey Exchange Shots In The Media


(AllHipHop News) Yup she’s still “Jenny from the Block,” and yes Mariah still “doesn’t know who she is.”

It seems like this feud of the super star divas will never come to an end as the two superstars took shots at each other in the media over the last week.

Just last week J Lo was on the Wendy Williams show and when asked about some of the Vegas shows she’d seen, she quickly side-mentioned that she “didn’t see Mariah,” because she wasn’t performing at that time.

“Before I even signed my deal to go to Vegas, when they were offering it to me, they were like we want you to come to this, I saw a bunch of shows.  And I saw everybody, I didn’t see Mariah because at the time she wasn’t playing, she hadn’t started yet,” J Lo said to Wendy Williams and the crowd’s laughter. “She’s forgetful I guess, I don’t know, we’ve met many times, I don’t know, I don’t know her very well.”

Well, word of that little chuckle on the Wendy Williams show must have gotten around to Mariah because last night TMZ caught Mariah throwing shade at J Lo as she jumped in the Lyft vehicle in Beverly Hills.

“I still don’t know her,” Mariah said with a smile, as she signed an autograph and quickly dashed away laughing.

Do you think J Lo knew that this would kick up some dust or do you think it was unintentional? Check the video clips and sound off below!