‘The Breakfast Club’ Responds To “Fake News” Suggesting They’re Part Of A “Reverse Racism” Lawsuit


(AllHipHop News) The hosts of The Breakfast Club are pushing back against the idea the radio show is somehow involved in a lawsuit against Revolt.

The New York Daily News posted an article claiming five white men are suing Revolt TV for “reverse racism,” and The Breakfast Club was mentioned in the story.

“White people are not welcome behind the scenes of a televised broadcast of Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club,’ a new lawsuit charges,” wrote Stephen Rex Brown in the opening sentence of the piece.

During the Wednesday morning show, Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God covered the Daily News article.

“Salute to the New York Post, because they absolutely accurately reported this story. They didn’t use The Breakfast Club and Power 105.1 as clickbait,” stated Charlamagne. “We’re not even in the lawsuit. We’re not even named as defendants in the lawsuit.”

Envy said, “I’m not going to lie. When I got that post, I started laughing. I called Charlamagne and we were laughing like crazy.”

“America really has changed. I was crying laughing. I was like, ‘What? White people suing for discrimination? Really?'” added Charlamagne.

The outspoken media figure also addressed the situation in a series of Instagram posts where he called the Daily News article “fake news” and questioned about a defamation lawsuit.

The Daily News article did include a sentence near the end of the story pointing out the lawsuit does not name Power 105.1 or The Breakfast Club as defendants.

However, social media posts from the publication about the lawsuit included mentions of The Breakfast Club and Power 105.

Revolt issued a statement that read, “These claims are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Revolt Media and TV, LLC has always been committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.”

Revolt airs a simulcast of The Breakfast Club on the cable channel.

Man this is hilarious to me. For the record they suing Revolt TV and talking about Revolt TV not Power 105 or “The Breakfast Club” but this article is still hilarious!!!! Lawsuit says “The white people got fired for not knowing the culture” I mean most executives at all these companies don’t know the culture and need to be fired but that’s not the point. I been laughing for 10 minutes straight. Please make the distinction between Revolt TV, Power 105 and the Breakfast Club we are not the same. Thanks. #BlackPrivilege

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Who can we sue for defamation!!! This headline is fake news but I’m getting it framed to hang up in the studio!!! ??????????? @nydailynews #BlackPrivilege

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Damn @nydailynews using us for clicks. If the lawsuit says executives at @revolttv then why does the headline say “Power 105’s The Breakfast Club” we are not named in this lawsuit. Diddy don’t pay us enough to have our names slandered like this but anyway WHITE PEOPLE SUING FOR NOT KNOWING THE CULTURE. Is so damn funny to me. ???????????? I really can’t stop laughing. #BlackPrivilege

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Thank You @pagesix for keeping @breakfastclubam out of the b.s. this lawsuit has nothing to do with us. #BlackPrivilege

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