The-Dream Says He Has A New Track With Kanye West (VIDEO)


During a visit to ESPN’s Highly Questionable The-Dream dropped a gem. He has a new song with Kanye West. After revealing that Ye’ is the craziest person that he has worked with he said that the two have a new track in the vault.

“I can’t say the exact name of it because we never know titles until Kanye actually lets us know what the title is, which is like eight years from now,” Dream said jokingly.

The self-proclaimed “Radio Killa” said that Yeezy likes to stand on top of various objects through out the studio when he’s excited about a new tune and that “he definitely almost fell off something, but we were there to corral him in the end” while recording this new track, which means it’s a banger.

He didn’t confirm if the song would be on Kanye’s upcoming album, So Help Me God.

Watch the clip below to hear Dream talk about whether his music is on his bedroom playlist and his feelings about Lil’ Wayne, who has child with the same woman as him and is currently dating his ex-wife Christina Milian.