The Dream Says R&B And Rap Have Meshed Too Much (VIDEO)


While in town to promote his upcoming double EP,  Crown/Jewel,  singer/songwriter The Dream stopped by The Breakfast Club.

After schooling Charlamagne about the perks of owning your own publishing and what happened when his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Lil’ Wayne, called him, the self-proclaimed Radio Killa spoke about how he feels about the state of R&B. He says that R&B artists nowadays prefer to croon about ignorant things instead of love.

“I have a problem when men who are supposed to be R&B artists talk about women in a certain type of way,” he said about current R&B’s brash nature. “You’re supposed to be a cornerstone of the person uplifting love in that sense.”

The ATL native also agreed that rap & R&B have meshed a little too much to appeal to the masses.

“They wanna be liked by you guys. They wanna be rappers and I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m not concerned with whatever the sales are because I still have to be me. Like I can’t try to compete with what a rap guy would do.”

Crown is due out on Mar. 31 and Jewel will drop on June 9th.

Watch the sit down below.