The Game Links With LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck For Stop The Violence Campaign (VIDEO)

The Game Hosts All Def Digital "Keanu" special screening in Hollywood, CA. Photo credit Kylie Krabbe, Liquid Soul, Inc.


(AllHipHop News) The Game and the LAPD Police Chief seem to be developing quite a close relationship in their efforts to put an end to violence in the city.

According to TMZ, the two teamed up to film a video pleading for an end to all of the senseless killing.

Chief Beck and The Game initially linked up a few weeks ago when The Game along with Snoop Dogg organized a peaceful protest for unity between law enforcement and citizens in the wake of growing tensions.

The protest culminated with the former gang members turned rap stars meeting with Chief Beck and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Now The Game and Chief Beck have connected for a Stop The Violence campaign, which addresses the high rates of crime in the city, especially involving minorities.

The video makes note of the fact that 80% of individuals involved in shootings as either the perpetrator or victim last year were people of color.

This unlikely collaboration between the two has certainly raised some eyebrows however, as some members of the Black Lives Matter movement have been calling for Beck’s resignation with claims that he has condoned police violence in the black community.

Beck took the time to address the negative perception that he and The Game may have among each others peers by stating that he has always stood for saving lives in the city.

He also stated that The Game is a perfect spokesman for the cause as he’s lived the street life and welds large influence within the community with his musical success.

Check out the Stop The Violence video and Beck addressing concerns about the campaign below.