The Game Not Stressing Over Paying $7 Million Judgment: “Money Aint S##t”

Hip-Hop star Game is not worried about a huge $7 million judgment he has to pay to a woman who claimed he groped her during a taping of his reality show “She Got Game.”

(AllHipHop News) It seems that Los Angeles Confidential is not losing sleep over an order to pay what he weighs for an alleged sexual assault.

Reality show actor, Priscilla Rainey is about to be a millionaire after a judge ordered West coast rapper, The Game to pay her $7.13 million in damages for an alleged sexual assault perpetrated in 2015 during the raping of the VH1 dating show, “She’s Got Game.”

Quite a pretty penny, but to the “My Life” rapper, he says “I’d still be good & happy … money ain’t s##t.”

Originally Rainey sued the rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, for $10 million. However, that number was reduced.

The case never actually played out in court as The Game never showed up to defend himself. As a result, the judge made a ruling, ordering him to pay $7.1 million for damages that she was seeking.

As a part of her judgment, she won against the Compton rapper, he has to fork over royalties from his recently formed label Prolific Records and his album, Born 2 Rap.

Last week, AllHipHop reported that Rainey is set to start collecting royalties from the project. The judge noted that BMI, his publishing body, will dole out earnings from the project until she is paid up.

And yup … if The Game refuses or tries to stop her from getting the money awarded to her he might be held in contempt of court and face jail time.

The Game expressed that he was not concerned about Rainey or the courts in a comment to one of his followers.

“Even if I did lose $7 million which I haven’t I’d still be good & happy,” Game wrote on social media. “Money ain’t s##t but thin wood and doesn’t matter in my life…I’ve had it, sent it thrown it, and given it.”