The Game Releases Video For “Pest Control (Meek Mill Diss)”


(AllHipHop News) The Game is continuing his attacks against Meek Mill.

The California rapper dropped a new music video for his Meek diss record “Pest Control.”

Game has insisted the Philadelphia representative “snitched” on him in a robbery case involving Sean Kingston.

While Kingston, Meek, and local police denied the Dreamchasers head offered information about the jewelry heist, Game used his perception of the situation as the catalyst for “Pest Control.”

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29 thoughts on “The Game Releases Video For “Pest Control (Meek Mill Diss)””

    1. Yeah that was foul to sneak Beans like that. IMO I think other dudes in Philly may handle that for Beans going forward.. Just my opinion; where I’m at if you do that to the O.G. you pay some type of price for that chump move… Give Beans the fair one if you have a problem…. Sucka ish… SMH…

  1. This is Cornish beef, but I guess some people need beef to make good music, if we didn’t have beef, a lot of rappers won’t be around because that’s all they know

      1. IDK but when I listen to all games diss songs, they all sound the same. as far as his reuglar music, maybe but his diss songs all have same flow.

      2. he has changed up his flow in the past year. Never know, probably 90% of artist do these days, it is sad. we know meek was getting help from beans.

  2. Damn Meek… How do you beef with Cassidy but drop absolute duds against Budden, Game and Drake? Going against Drake was the perfect setup for your career. Even if you didn’t win, coming with a couple of responses and dropping a random single would’ve probably helped grab a few crossover (white) fans and it would’ve opened up your fan base more. Now look at you. Lol

  3. Meek and his boys stay fighting the ppl that they shouldn’t be, they jumped Q.Miller because he said Meek was lying…now Beans said he helped you and your mans sucker punched him!! Meek should watch his back he’s making more enemies than friends and honestly he doesn’t seem smart nor calculated…

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