The Lox Gets the Key to Yonkers; Styles P Fixes Up the City’s Parks

After demolishing the Dipset on Tuesday, the Y-O trio is now building up their city.

This week keeps getting better for The Lox.

According to a video that has been circulated on social media, the three emcees will be receiving the key to the City of Yonkers, their hometown. 

Styles P first posted the “Thank you”  video of him and his group members. All dressed in Black, they showed their appreciation to those who would bestow such an honor.

“We just want to say ‘thank you,’” Styles P said on behalf of the crew. “Love is Love.”

He continued, “To the people of Yonkers … to the Mayor of Yonkers …  we will be receiving this key of the city. Super dope.”

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In addition to announcing that the “Money, Power and Respect” artists were receiving this high municipal honor, they also announced that they will continue their work to build up parks throughout the city.  These parks will also have workout stations for all residents to go out and practice healthy living.

The New York Times reported in 2020, that New York City has 2,300 parks, but neighborhoods in Black and Brown communities do not have adequate space for families to exercise. The coronavirus pandemic actually exposed the disparities.

Adrian Benepe, a senior vice president for the Trust for Public Land and a former city parks commissioner, “The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed flaws in the park system that I don’t think we understood. Not all parks are created equal. Small parks do not have room for lots of people to exercise and socially distance.”

This is also true in Yonkers.

As mentioned in the video, The Lox will be working with the city to clean up and renovate the parks in poor communities.

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“Public parks are the epicenters of our neighborhoods and by continually investing in them, we are creating healthier options and improving the quality of life for residents to enjoy,” Mayor Mike Spano said. “I am proud to partner with Styles P, who has been a long-time advocate for our community, in encouraging residents young and old to be active and enjoy the newest amenities our city has to offer.

Along with The Mayor,  Styles P will stand with the top city execs as the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation on Friday, August 6 from  12 p.m. to 3 p.m. to present to the community the state-of-the-art new fitness equipment the ran the city about 250,000 at Stefanik Park on Nepperhan Avenue and Coyne Park on McLean Avenue. The parks will now include “new public, outdoor gyms and to promote health and fitness.”

Styles shared in his video why they are all involved so passionately in this cause, “We want to keep building the movement to make our city a better place to live. We want to make a better future, easier way for the kids.”