Not The Black Panthers: The NFAC Convenes On KKK Stronghold Outside Of Atlanta

A new military group, the NFAC, has forced the hand of the KKK, who has terrorized Black people for generations.

(AllHipHop News) Several hundred people, a mixture of men and women clad in black, descended on Stone Mountain, Georgia on the 4th of July, confronted a KKK stronghold in the suburb of Atlanta, demanded the removal of Confederate figures from a mountain, and eventually moved to protect the sister of Rayshard Brooks. Brooks was the man killed by police officers at an area-Wendy’s last month. 

The armed citizens, members of a group called The NFAC (The Not F#ckin’ Around Coalition), are lead by Grand Master Jay, a former military man that has emerged out of a dissatisfaction with past movements. The NFAC marched “in formation” peacefully in Stone Mountain, GA where confederate leaders are etched in a mountain. Eventually, the mass convened at a Ku Klux Klan haven that has been allegedly threatening Black people. The Klan was “re-born” at this location, Jay said at the scene 

The mountain, which boasts the likeness Confederate icons Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson, is historically a popular meeting place for the Ku Klux Klan and continues to be so, according to a report by The New York Times. 

One of the NFAC members talked to AllHipHop under the guise of anonymity, stating that the time is now for Black people to protect their communities from the Klan and the police.

“They are doing all the killing (the police and the KKK). It’s us that should be scared,” he said. “They (the KKK) made the right decision for their family and friends (by staying home). They’re bullies. We’d rather die on our feet that die with a knee on our neck for 9-minutes. I actually thought the KKK would show up” The Klan did not, but the police were there. 

Contrary to many reports, the NFAC is not related to the Black Panthers or Black Lives Matter.

Eventually, the group traversed to Stone Mountain’s Memorial Hall and spoke to those observing. The park had recently re-opened after being shut down because of Covid-19.

The news traveled quickly on social media and was picked up by some mainstream outlets as well. 

The NFAC member told AllHipHop the police were respectful of their movement, but still maintained that their authority manifests differently when there are no guns. 

“They’ll kill a 7-year old girl, they’ll kill a 12-year old boy, they’ll kill an old man,” he told AllHipHop. “We gotta get the cops out of our community. They don’t respect us.”

Those that simply witnessed the formation seemed to be impressed and inspired. 

“I honestly haven’t seen anything this beautiful before, I am in tears right now. I hope they show those Confederates exactly how serious they are about this bulls##t,” one person said on social media.

All of the feedback was not positive. Some people, mostly white, expressed fear.

“What is this some terror group?” one person tweeted. Another questioned the legality of the movement, without noting white militia that has always existed in America. Armed men took to the Michigan Capitol in Lansing earlier this year and domestic terror has existed since the inception of the United States. 

“We’ve been too nice,” the NFAC member stated, citing that Black people are under attack from systemic racism on every level.