The Rock Debuts Banging Rap Song With Tech N9ne, King Iso, And Joey Cool

WWE superstar The Rock just launched his rap career with rap legend Tech N9ne!

There is a Black and Samoan rapper that just dropped his first rap single and it is not Jey the Nitewing.

It is the one and only box office hitmaker, Dwayne Johnson.

Don’t raise your eyebrow in suspicion! Just smell what The Rock is cooking.

The Rock has conquered the wrestling world, movies, TV, spirit beverages, apparel/ merch and has even hinted at politics. Now, out of nowhere, he is dabbling in Hip-Hop — and guess what he kinda got a bop!

He teamed up with independent rap stars on Strange Music, Tech N9ne, King Iso, and Joey Cool, to produce the song “Face Off.”

The former WWE superstar captioned on Instagram, “Pumped (and humbled) to drop MY FIRST RAP SONG with my brothers, the GOAT @therealtechn9ne 🐐 @therealkingiso @_joey_cool These are some bad dudes in the game and I’m honored to add a little Rock gasoline⛽️💪🏾 to their FIRE 🔥🔥🔥”

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Adding, “Im excited for you to hear this song and I think you’re gonna dig it….”

“Face Off” is a song about being a champion and pushing yourself to the ultimate limit. He wanted you to hear it, so, check it out.

The Rock’s part drops in at 2:58.

He spits with a rapid flow, saying in his verse, “It’s about tribe. It’s about power/ We stay hungry, we devour/ Put in the work, put in the hours and take what’s ours.”

“Black and Samoan in my veins/my culture bangin’ with Strange/ I change the game/ so what’s my m###########’ name (Rock)!” he continued.

“(What they gonna get though?) Desecration/ defamation/ if you wanna bring it to the masses/ Face to face now we escalatin’/ when I have to put boots to a####” he raps before switching his flow again, “Mean on ya’/ like a dream when I’m rumblin’, you’re gonna scream, “Mama”/ So bring drama/ to the king Brahma /(Then what?), comin’ at ya’ with extreme mana (Ahoo, ahoo, ahoo)”

In a quick clip that is circulating on social, he seems to be working out and rocking his new gear called “Outlaw Mana.”

Perhaps the song, as we know The Rock is a businessman, is another form of promotion — his answer to a jingle for his product.

What would you expect? He IS one of the biggest stars that ever walked the planet. So, why not drop a full club-ready banger??!!!