Theolophilus London Talks Working With Kanye West And Says 'Selma' Sucked (VIDEO)


During his Montreal tour stop, Theophilus London sat down with Montreality. While chopping it up about the usual rundown, like what kind of student he was and his favorite cartoon characters, the Brooklynite also dished on what it was like working with Kanye West.

Ye’ actually flew the VIBES singer/rapper out to Mexico to work on his So Help Me God album and  London ended up writing a song for him.

“I looked at Kanye and was like alright you got the wife, you got the kid but you’re still that sex symbol,” he said. “So instead of rapping about your wife and saying how you guys have sex and stuff, make it universal. Talk about what you guys do but don’t say her name so every girl can think that they are her. So I wrote a song like that.”

The “Big Spender” rapper also sang back up on his new single, “All Day,” which was premiered last week at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

While discussing his love for movies, the 27-year-old weighed in on Selma‘s Oscar snub.

Selma sucked as a movie, so they should stop arguing that they’re not getting Oscars because they’re black,” he said. “It’s not about race, man. Your movie sucked.”

Watch below.