Tiffany Haddish Had Her First Orgasm In Front Of Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage and Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish was worried about catching a sexual assault lawsuit from Nicolas Cage, after she told him this crazy story!

Comedienne Tiffany Haddish broke the ice with her new movie co-star Nicolas Cage by recalling how she experienced her first orgasm while watching his classic action film “Face/Off.”

Tiffany Haddish worked with Cage on “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” last year and felt the need to share her personal story with him.

“It was my first big O,” Haddish explained to America’s National Public Radio station of Cage’s memorable scene in which he terrorises John Travolta’s character in the 1997 action movie.

Recalling how she faced an internal struggle over telling the veteran actor all about his role in her first sexual climax at the age of 17, she said: “It was a debate. ‘Should I tell Nicolas Cage this? This is inappropriate. I don’t want him to hit me with a sexual harassment (claim), but I gotta tell him.'”

Tiffany Haddish ended up going with her gut feeling and soon realized just how awkward the chat was for her co-star.

“You could tell he was getting irritated, and I was like, ‘Look, I’m really intimidated by you, and I need to tell you something,'” she said. “‘I have to tell you this story, man, and once I tell you this story, it’ll be fine.'”

The actress went on to reveal how she and her then-boyfriend found themselves in a near-empty movie theater to check out “Face/Off.”

But they ended up getting frisky and missed a good part of the film – until Tiffany Haddish orgasmed and opened her eyes to find Cage appearing to stare down at her from the big screen.

“As I was achieving a momentous moment that I had never experienced in my life, I open my eyes, and the eyes of Nicolas Cage are looking into my eyes super big,” she laughed.

And her memories of the sex romp were all she could think about when she first greeted Nicholas Cage in person.

“So now I’m standing across from this man with those same big old eyeballs,” she continued.

“All I can think about is the guy that I went to the movies with and how we were making out and then that feeling (of having an orgasm), and then how weird I feel remembering this in front of him.”

Thankfully for Haddish, the funny story tickled Nicholas Cage, who “laughed super hard” at the tale.