Timbaland Talks The Aaliyah Movie, His New Artist Tink & More


The release and bad execution of Lifetime’s Aaliyah movie set many people off, including her longtime friend and collaborator Timbaland. He stopped by the Breakfast Club to expand on his views of the movie and set the record straight on some of the things in the film that were not true. The Virginia native also spoke about his new artist Tink, who he says saved his life.

How He And Missy Really Met Aaliyah

“She told her uncle Barry Hankerson. My lawyer at the time, Louise West, sent her a demo of the song called “Sugar and Spice.” She liked the track but she didn’t like the lyrics because she was older at the time and then said can I work with them because it’s something about them I like. Then we went down to Detroit and that’s when it all started.”

What He Liked About The Aaliyah Movie

“The good thing about that movie is [that] it brought up awareness of what we have done and a feeling that we don’t have today. You go back and listen to Aaliyah’s music and it makes you realize what today’s music is.”

On His New Artist Tink

“I was like I don’t know if I want to do music because there is nothing out here to do. She was music and she saved my life. She got me looking like this because she’s so young and I felt like ‘she got it’…”