Tiny Goes Nuclear Over Dollmaker Allegedly Stealing OMG Girlz Likeness

Tiny Harris

Tiny Harris accused toymaker MGA Entertainment of using the likeness of her girl group OMG Girlz without permission.

T.I. and Tiny Harris found themselves in a legal battle over dolls, which bear a resemblance to their girl group OMG Girlz.

Tiny, who created the OMG Girlz, called out toymaker MGA Entertainment for allegedly stealing the group’s likeness in an Instagram post on Friday (January 6). Tiny shared several photos of MGA’s OMG Dolls to show how much they look like OMG Girlz members.

“This is a straight up & down infringement case on @omggirlz likeness & their creation that we all worked so hard to build,” she wrote. “Only to be snatched by a big company with no remorse. I am only fighting for what’s right on behalf of the Girlz & us!! #OMGGirlz #OMGDolls #MGA #PrettyHustle #GrandHustle.”

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According to T.I. and Tiny, MGA announced it was launching a line of dolls modeled after the OMG Girlz in 2010. The couple claimed MGA never secured a licensing agreement and refused to discuss compensation. MGA released its OMG Dolls in 2019.

T.I. and Tiny learned MGA went ahead with the dolls when fans brought it to their attention. The two tried to privately settle the matter with MGA, which allegedly led to the toymaker filing a lawsuit.

“MGA responded in bad faith,” T.I. and Tiny argued in a countersuit. “Rather than discuss a licensing agreement, MGA instead pre-emptively filed a lawsuit claiming that they alone created and own the name and image of the OMG Dolls.”

T.I. and Tiny said they cannot allow MGA to “simply misappropriate the OMG Girlz name and image without compensation.” Their case is heading to trial in California.