Tone Trump & Young Jeezy Link On “Afghan”


(AllHipHop News) Philly rapper Tone Trump recently spoke about his new single “Afghan,” that is crossing over from the underground mixtape market to the mainstream, thanks in part to a cameo appearance from Young Jeezy.

Tone Trump’s new single was released last week featuring Young Jeezy and according to Tone, the track is the start of a burgeoning relationship.

“I dropped the record last Wednesday and sent it to [Funkmaster] Flex and he dropped bombs on it. featured it as its ‘Heater of the Day.’ It’s a new wave for me, a new feeling,” Tone Trump told in an exclusive interview.

The rapper touched on the credibility the multi platinum recording artist Young Jeezy brings to the “Afghan” record.

“He’s so respected it brings a certain level of credibility to the record,” Tone Trump explained to “A lot of the time, people don’t wanna give you props. I’m not going to lie, the big homie Snow Man [Jeezy] got on the record and I put it out the next week. I didn’t even ask ‘Snow’ to get on the record, he believed in the record and he knew what his impact would do to it. I was with Jeezy and he told me ‘this is just the beginning, this is stage 1.”

While there is buzz around Tone Trump’s association with Young Jeezy, the Philadelphia rapper is still an independent artist.

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Tone Trump and Young Jeezy’s “Afghan”