Toronto Rapper Tory Lanez Throws A Shot At Drake (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Is Tory Lanez the next rapper to jump into the ring with Drake? Unlike Meek Mill, Lanez represents the same hometown as Drake. The Toronto rapper spit a freestyle on Sway In The Morning that included a slight jab at Drizzy.

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“I know these n*ggas about to act scary. T.O. n*gga, only spitting without the Blackberry,” rapped Tory.

In 2009, Drake was famously caught on camera “freestyling” by reading lyrics off his cell phone. Critics of the OVO leader often cite that moment on Hot 97 as a low point for Drake.

This is not the first time Tory has taken aim at Drake. Last year he put up $10,000 in a challenge to his fellow Canadian. Lanez says he spoke to the “10 Bands” performer. Since Drake supposedly stated he enjoyed Tory’s music, the “Say It” rapper was able to keep his 10K.

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Watch Tory Lanez’s interview/freestyle below.