Tory Lanez Sued After Man Disfigured In Hit-And-Run Car Accident

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is facing more trouble after a man claims someone driving one of his cars rear-ended him and caused him to be disfigured as a result of the crash!

Tory Lanez is at the center of another lawsuit, and it is for a different kind of “hit.”

This time it is alleged that the Canadian rapper and genius-troublemaker is accused of owning a car that hit a man causing him disfigurement.

Court documents filed by Barry Fine say that a 2016 Range Rover, owned by the 29-year-old chart-topper, hit his Porsche sports car earlier this year on January 23, 2021.

The bang-up caused a “chain reaction rear-end collision” that propelled another car into Fine’s Porsche.

The filing then claims that whoever was driving the Range Rover fled the scene without seeing if anyone was hurt. Moreover, the vehicle was found abandoned in Miami along I-95.

While Fine doesn’t allege that Tory Lanez was behind the wheel, he places responsibility on the artist because he owns the car. Since he is the owner, Tory Lanez is responsible for any harm that has been perpetrated by anyone driving the car.

Fine says that he has suffered numerous injuries that have left him disfigured, with damaged property, and should be awarded for his mental pain and suffering.

He hopes to be awarded a $30,000 payout.

Tory Lanez (nor his team) has responded to the charges.