Tracy Morgan Will Star As Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong In Movie He Is Bankrolling

Louis Armstrong and Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is taking on the role of his career as the Jazz legend, Louis Armstrong!

Funnyman Tracy Morgan is set to play jazz legend Louis Armstrong in an upcoming biopic he is financing.

Morgan’s “Coming 2 America” co-star Jermaine Fowler let the news slip in a recent interview, admitting he can’t wait to see the comic in a serious role.

“He showed us a clip of a movie he’s financing that’s really, really dope,” the actor says. “He wants to play Louis Armstrong in a biopic and I believe he can do it. He sounds exactly like him and looks exactly like him, and I was blown away by it.

“If he can truly pull that off I think it’ll put Tracy on another level altogether.

“I’ve been a fan of everything Tracy’s done since Martin. I love small cameos, and when you can turn them into a big cameo it’s even better – like Kevin Hart in 40 Year Old Virgin and Craig Robinson in Knocked Up. With Tracy, his cameo in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back always made me laugh so much.”