Trae Tha Truth And The Relief Gang Helps Houston Residents Millions Suffer From Deadly Snowstorm

Trae Tha Truth

Rap star Trae Tha Truth is out in a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm that has battered Texas and the lower 48 states all this week, leaving millions without power, or water.

The unexpected 2021 Winter Storm that has blasted southern states like Texas has proven to be deadly.

While thousands have lost electricity and some have lost their lives, President Biden has declared the state’s condition is officially an emergency.

Despite that, Trae the Truth is not waiting on the nation’s executive to step in and help. He and The Relief Gang, an organization that has built a reputation for helping the less fortunate in the Houston area, are doing their part to meet the people’s immediate needs.

The “It Ain’t Fair” rapper took to social media in a video to ask for help in getting generators and food for the community. The caption reads, “It’s a lot of people without Electricity Power, & Food.”

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He opened up in disbelief, “Yo, top of the day, man. You know it’s real crazy and drastic right now in Houston, TX. Really, Texas all over. I’m at a loss of words.”

He then details what he (and the rest of the world is seeing), as another Arctic blast approaches Texas.

“People been without power for a whole day and a half, without food. I don’t … I can’t even think of an explanation. How is that even impossible, man? Especially in one of the biggest cities in the US.”

“I’m asking anybody that works at these businesses that sell generators,” he asks. “Even if you not a manager, you just got access, if you all can open up these stores.”

“We will come buy the generators, so we can get them out to these people … You have babies … all kind of people sick and need to be on machines … all kinds of other stuff we gotta take care.”

“Also, if you work at a store, I understand this may be your day off. I’m asking you all to open them up. We’ll come buy whatever needs to be bought. If you work at a restaurant and you know we can actually gain access to food, will come by a gang of food to go out and deliver throughout the city. Me and my team are on call. We on standby. We out as we speak.”

Fans may want to support but don’t know how. So, the rap star provided a very easy way to connect with the effort to help the 2.5 million people who still don’t have power in Texas.

“Now, y’all can simply DM relief gang. Get us info. If you have restaurants, we could come buy a gang of food to go out delivery. If you have stores that have generators, please hit us up 346- 857-9617.”

One fast-food restaurant answered his Clarion call.

In another post, Trae the Truth shouts out those who stepped up. “Special Salute To the @mcdonalds on 45 south and Edgebrook … They Allowed Us To Come Buy Them Out To Take Food To those who haven’t Eaten in the Last Day without Power… Tag Yo Areas So We Can Drop Off!! @reliefgang”

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He also doesn’t want people to have to come out for assistance and they will come to help you out. DM or call for support or to further assist.