Travis Barker Heading Up New Label DTA Records

Musician Travis Barker is embarking on a new journey as the owner of DTA Records.

(AllHipHop News) Travis Barker is a legend in the music game.

Coming up as the drummer of Blink 182, the SoCal native has since made a name for himself as a recording artist who’s worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to Quavo to Lil Nas X.

Now, the 44-year-old launches his new label titled DTA Records, in partnership with Elektra Music Group.

“I wanted a label partner that I trusted with true artist development. As an artist, it’s important to me that an artist’s vision is protected at all costs,” Travis Barker said. “It’s crucial that I’m able to look an artist in the eye and believe it when I say we can take them from a basement to an arena. Elektra’s track record and belief are proof of that, and I’m stoked to continue to build that legacy together through DTA Records.”

DTA Records launched with the label’s first single “Gimme Brain” featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. The new song is also produced by Barker himself.

“Gimme Brain” represents a continuation of Travis’ passion for beatmaking and production, bridging his world of rock into hip-hop — which he says was his first love growing up.

DTA Records will be Barker’s outlet and platform of endless genre-bending collabs, along with a home for artist development under his watch.