Travis McMichaels Called Ahmaud Arbery A “F##king N##ger” As He Was Dying

A new video witness to the Ahmaud Arbery murder has proved the shooting was racially motivated.

(AllHipHop News) As if we did not, the McMichaels intentionally killed Ahmaud Arbery because he was Black and testimony in court supports that notion.

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery was motivated by sheer ugly American racism.

Proof positive was made more known by one of the witnesses who said that “after the shooting took place, before the police arrival on the street Arbery was on the ground, heard Travis McMichaels say ‘f##king n##ger.’”

One of the family’s attorneys, S. Lee Merrit, gave a blow by blow account from court.

“We are in a probable cause hearing for the defendants of the men that murdered #AhmaudArbery, Travis McMichael Gregory McMichael William Bryan.”

“Defendant Greg McMichael told police he DID NOT KNOW #AhmaudArbery and did not see him do anything other than run down the road but he “knew instinctively he was a criminal.”

“#AhmaudArbery’s parents are doing their best to maintain their composure as we get through all of the horrible details of their son’s murder.”

“Defendant Travis McMichael declared “F###### N#####” as he stood over the body of #AhmaudArbery according to testimony of defendant William Bryan and video recording.”

“Defendant Travis McMichael told police the first shot from the shotgun blast struck #AhmaudArbery in the chest refuting previous claims that he shot Ahmaud in the hand first as he grabbed for the gun. This demonstrates deadly intent from the onset.”

“Testimony inadvertently put on record by Defense counsel for Travis McMichael established that his client was a well known violent racist who regularly used racial epithets and made terroristic threats to black people.”

“Disgraced District Attorney George Barnhill indicated the defendants were pursuing a “burglary suspect” but there has been no evidence in the record that a burglary ever took place. Barnhill is now under criminal investigation by the FBI.”