More Bad News For Travis Scott After Fan Declared Braindead After Astroworld Disaster

Travis Scott

More tragic news is coming in the aftermath of Travis Scott’s deadly Astroworld Festival last week, where eight people were killed and hundreds injured.

The Astroworld tragedy is getting worse each day, as one of the victims has been declared brain dead after suffering multiple heart attacks at Travis Scott’s festival.

The young woman is only 22-year-old.

According to TMZ, Bharti Shahani is the 9th person to succumb to injuries sustained during the Friday concert in Texas.

The young Texas A&M student, presumed to be a graduating senior, attended the concert with her sister and cousin. During the crowd’s chaotic “surge,” she was separated from them.

When the ambulance found her, the emergency team attempted to perform CPR on her. Once she was brought to a hospital, doctors placed her on a ventilator.

Despite the news of her being brain dead being released, there is no further news about her condition. Her family is working with the medical professionals to determine the next steps for her care.

In addition to the eight other people who have been confirmed dead, several people are listed in serious condition, and some whose very life is on the line.

One of them was a 9-year-old concert attendee named Ezra Blount. Currently, the dimpled-face brown boy is in a medically-induced coma.

The Blount family has enlisted Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump as their legal counsel. In the court documents filed by the lawyer, it has been revealed that Ezra was “suddenly forced to watch in terror as several concertgoers were injured and killed” as the crowd surged during the performance and then was “trampled nearly to death.”

Other lawsuits are coming naming Travis Scott, Drake, and the concert’s producers, Live Nation, as responsible.

This sad story is developing.