Travis Scott Says He And T-Pain Are Cool After Wild Story

After getting dragged for falling asleep on the iconic rapper/ producer, Travis Scott finally shares what happened that night that T-Pain swore he bored him to sleep.

(AllHipHop News) Last month, T-Pain took to social media to tell a hilarious storytime featuring rap star Travis Scott.

Fans did not find his story as humorous as the OG did, and in turn, lashed out at the Astroworld phenom for they considered disrespect.

But was it really?

Scott has emerged to set the record straight. Apparently, he f#cks with T-Pain.

T-Pain told his Twitch followers, who in turn shared the feed to Twitter, that one day before the release of the multi-platinum record Astroworld, the two were in the studio and the Houston rapper fell asleep on him.

“I started going in about how I do production,” T-Pain explained. “The whole time I’m looking at my computer… Then I turned around. Everybody in the room (was) f##king asleep. Knocked the f##k out.”

“Travis is also somehow asleep standing up. Don’t know-how. Can’t f##king tell you. Don’t know what the f##k happened,” he shrugged. “Bro, I was only talking for like three or four minutes!”

Travis says he wasn’t sleeping. He was simply “BLASTED!!!!”

In an interview on Apple Media, he shared the story from his perspective, “I just want to lock in with him [T-Pain].”

He continued, “I was in the middle of Astroworld. And before I was like about to hand it in or something, I was like, yo, I just want to tap in T-Pain and just … see what we can cook up. So, I went to the stu[dio] … I think I was like playing some joints off Astroworld … Just letting him know where I was at. I think he started playing some joints. At the end of the day, I’m BLASTED. So like, man, I wasn’t asleep in his studio. I don’t know if you thought I was asleep. Bro, I was blasted. That’s the natural state, like know what I’m saying?”

He ended the comment letting his the “Buy You A Drink” rapper, “T-Pain, we f**k with you over here.”