Travis Scott Finally Replies To Astroworld Lawsuit Denying Responsibility

Travis Scott

Rap star Travis Scott is finally replying after hundreds of lawsuits were filed against him following the tragedy at his Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Travis Scott is now taking a different approach to the overwhelming lawsuits coming his way after the Astroworld tragedy.

The Houston rapper is now saying through his attorneys that he does not believe he is liable for all of the trauma and has filed the first counter to one of the many cases.

According to TMZ, Jessie Garcia has filed a civil lawsuit against Scott, Jack Enterprises (his company), and the Cactus Jack Foundation.

He claims that he was in the concert crowd during the unexpected surge that took the lives of ten people and injured over 300 more.

The news outlet says that Scott is issuing a “general denial” to this case and many others.

According to the Legal Dictionary, it is “a statement in an answer to a lawsuit or claim by a defendant in a lawsuit, in which the defendant denies everything alleged in the complaint without specifically denying any allegation.”

His team is building a strategy to alleviate some of the massive potential financial losses coming his way through all of these lawsuits.

Last week, his team filed a motion to combine the 275 filings into “multi-district litigation.”

According to Heygood, Orr & Pearson, in the state of Texas, multi-district litigation is “a special legal procedure designed to speed the process of handling complex cases such as a single airplane crash or other disaster involving numerous claims or a large number of similar product liability suits.”

The law firm further states, “a Texas MDL must “state the common question or questions of fact involved in the cases”; provide “a clear and concise explanation of the reasons that transfer would be for the convenience of the parties and witnesses and would promote the just and efficient conduct of the cases” and “state whether all parties in those cases for which transfer is sought agree to the motion.”

No update on if the courts will honor his requests.