Trevor Noah Calls Out Kanye West For His Comments About Hip Hop Culture & Black Voters

Did Ye patronize African-Americans and their political concerns?

(AllHipHop News) While Kanye West recently got backing from Cardi B and T.I., the host of The Daily Show felt the need to call the “Closed on Sunday” performer on the carpet. Trevor Noah addressed Kanye during the “Between The Scenes” segment of his program.

In particular, Noah took issue with West for some comments he made during an interview with radio personality Big Boy. Kanye, who now self-identifies as a Christian, expressed his concerns about elements of modern rap music.

“He’s talking about ‘the culture.’ They rap about f*cking b*tches and buying foreign cars and doing things that are illegal and then you talk prison reform. I was watching that like, ‘Are you sh*tting me? You, of all people?’ I’m not saying everything he’s saying is wrong. But you are going to say it?” questioned Noah. “Are you serious? ‘You’re such a f*cking hoe, I love it‘? That Kanye West is gonna talk sh*t about rappers f*cking b*tches? C’mon, man.” 

The South African-born comedian then turned his attention to Kanye’s views on African-American voters and the Democratic party. Even though he admitted that he did not vote in the 2016 election, West has since repeatedly shown support for Republican President Donald Trump.

“This is what I don’t like is when Kanye West and people like him will say, ‘Black people in America have been brainwashed into voting for the Democrats, believing that they’re victims. But we’re not victims, we can vote Republican. We can do whatever we want.’ Then I’m like, ‘Let me get this straight. You’re saying every black person in America is brainwashed?” said Noah. 

He continued, “You’re saying that 70, 80, 90 percent of black people who are voting Democrat are brainwashed? You’re saying you’re the only person that’s enlightened? And all these black people are just stupidly following [the Democrats]… What is more likely? The fact that these people are brainwashed or the fact that in America you vote for the system that gives you the best chance? You only have two choices, and if you are a black person you go: Well I’m gonna vote for the choice that gives me the best chance of success.”

Trevor Noah went on to suggest that a wealthy Kanye West has the option to vote for Republican politicians that push for policies that benefit the rich while other less fortunate and marginalized citizens have to be more careful about which candidates they support. Noah added, “I don’t think Black women in America have been or can be brainwashed. I think, if anything, Black women in America have the least leeway when it comes to messing around with their vote.”