EXCLUSIVE: Trey Songz Sex Assault Accuser Hiding Identity Because She’s Muslim

The woman suing Trey Songz for sexual assault says she is scared of reprisal from Islamic extremists – and the singer’s fans!

(AllHipHop News) The Jane Doe accuser who says Trey Songz assaulted her on New Year’s Day of 2018 is hiding her identity, because of her religion.

On January 2, 2020, Jane Doe filed a $10 million against Trey Songz over an incident on New Year’s Day – in 2018.

She claims Trey Songz he assaulted her at E11even Nightclub after a night on the town celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Jane Doe says Trey reached his hand up her skirt and attempted to insert his fingers into her v##### through her panties without her consent or permission.

Last week the judge hearing the complaint admonished the woman for not following the proper legal procedure to be granted permission to file as a Jane Doe.

The woman has replied to the judge’s scolding, and she offered up some interesting information about the multi-million dollar legal battle.

Jane Doe is asking a judge to grant her permission to shield her name from the public, because she is a “Muslim woman” who comes from a “very devout Muslim family.”

The unidentified woman says she grew up in Trinidad and immigrated to the United States in 2014.

She said she is filing as a Jane Doe because she comes from a strict Muslim household.

“Under our cultural beliefs and traditions such a sexual assault would have the tendency to bring shame and humiliation upon my family,” Jane Doe wrote.

“As a result of these beliefs, I have yet to even tell my family about the incident involved in the Complaint in an effort to protect them,” Jane Doe revealed.

According to Jane Doe, she thinks she could be subjected to violence at the hands of Islamic extremist groups and the singer’s fans too.

“I not only fear the reprisals affiliated with my religion, but what would also come through the fans of the Defendants if my name were disclosed,” Jane Doe said.

Jane Doe is worried Trey Songz’ fans will bully her, harass her and leak her telephone number, address and even her job information.

The woman said she has already read statements and comments online which have branded her a ‘liar’ a ‘ho’ and “other false and untrue things.”

Jane Doe told Judge Ursula Ungaro that the online comments are already destroying her self-esteem “and continue to pour salt on what are still presently open wounds” at the hands of Trey Songz.

Jane Doe is asking Judge Ursula Ungaro to allow her to remain anonymous.