Troy Ave Talks Settling Issues With 50 Cent + Dealing With Haters On The Internet (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) When Troy Ave burst on the music scene, some observers noticed similarities between the Brooklyn rapper and fellow New York City rhymer 50 Cent. Troy has even named 50 as his inspiration to rap. While fans debated whether Troy was the new 50, the two entertainers had some issues with each other that played out in public.

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Part of the back-and-forth stemmed from 50 calling then ex-G-unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks Troy’s “hypemen.” Troy responded by saying 50’s comments were “wack.” In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Troy discussed the current status of his relationship with 50.

“50’s my guy. Me and 50 had a talk at the Chris Brown show,” said Troy. “I hate when people got an issue and you see each other and it’s nothing. So I pulled him to the side, and I kicked it with the OG.”

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While Troy and 50 are now on good terms and the NYC representative has built a loyal following, there are still plenty of Hip Hop watchers that are not feeling the Troy Ave movement. The “Doo Doo” performer also addressed his critics, particularly the ones online.

“The only place I might get hate from is Internet people. The internet thugs and the weirdos,” stated Troy. “That’s fake to me. It’s not real. Real is when you see me and you say something negative, then we’re gonna deal with you violently and accordingly.”

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Watch Troy Ave’s interview below.