Troy Ave Expected To Testify Against Taxstone In Upcoming Murder Trial

Taxstone and Troy Ave

The murder trial will determine the fate of Taxstone.

A murder trial involving podcaster Taxstone is on its way and Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave is expected to take the stand and testify regarding the fatal shooting of his bodyguard.

Prosecutors have revealed the state has two cooperating witnesses. Reports say Troy Ave and Malcom Kinyon, a drug dealer from Poughkeepsie, NY are working with the court.

Troy Ave signed a cooperation agreement with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in 2017.

The rivalry between the two has been chronicled in the streets and throughout Hip-Hop lore for years. It has also become deadly.

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As reported by, one incident on May 25, 2016, where the two came to lick shots outside of an Atlanta T.I. concert, lead to the death of Troy Ave’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Troy Ave was shot in the leg, and three other people were wounded after being struck by gunfire. 

Authorities later found the semiautomatic handgun used in Banga’s killing and forensic evidence discovered Taxstone’s DNA was on the firearm.

Taxstone has already been to trial regarding federal gun charges related to the crime but has not been sentenced. That will be done once the murder trial is over.