Troy Ave Taken Into Custody; Gets One-Year Prison Sentence Over 2016 Shooting

Troy Ave

Tap in to get an update on Troy Ave’s release date.

Troy Ave has revealed he’ll be spending time behind bars in connection to a shooting case that occurred nearly eight years ago.

On Thursday (February 15), Troy Ave reported to court about the deadly 2016 Irving Plaza shooting involving podcast host Taxstone. The incident ultimately claimed the claimed the life of bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter. Troy Ave shared a video to his Instagram account before the hearing and alluded to turning himself in.

“Alright, y’all,” Troy said in the video. “They might cheat me, you might not see me for a while. But just know the streets is a myth. All them people that was in the car with me, I end up taking the guns. Somebody shot at me, and instead of laying down and dying, I’d have been a hero, a martyr, I took the gun and bust back.”

Troy Ave continued, requesting prayers from his fans as he navigates the “consequences” of the situation.

“And there you have it.” he said. “Here go the consequences. But we don’t cry over spilt milk. We take the lemons and make lemonade. God is great, and the paper’s straight. Y’all keeps it cool. Y’all keep running it up. Send the prayers up. Prayers count more than anything.”

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Shortly after the video began circulating on social media, Troy Ave’s attorney John B. Stella released the official statement regarding the sentencing.

“Roland Collins [Troy Ave] was sentenced on 2/9/24 to 1 year jail on his plea to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree,” the statement reads. “Under the law he must serve 8 months to satisfy that sentence. Since he previously spent almost 2 months in jail before he made bail, the remaining balance of time he must serve is a little over 6 months.”

Troy Ave’s sentence follows Taxstone getting slapped with 35 years in prison last June after being convicted of manslaughter. In a YouTube video titled “Today I Go to Jail for Defending Myself Against a HATER Who Tried to K*ll Me,” Troy Ave discussed details of the case and revealed he will deliver new music next month.

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