Trump Ally Marjorie Taylor Green Accused Of Bankrolling Kanye West’s Website

Marjorie Taylor Green and Kanye West

Marjorie Taylor Green is worried that MAGA Maniacs will flip on her because her campaign funds were used to buy Kanye’s website!

A new report has uncovered that Milo Yiannopoulos, a British right-winger, illegally charged the credit card of Marjorie Taylor Green’s congressional campaign $7,020.16 to buy the domain, a website that is being used by Kanye West’s presidential campaign.

Above the Law reports that Milo was paid $9,955 for his services from Kanye’s campaign earmarked as a “domain transfer.” The $7,020.16 transaction for the domain to GoDaddy from MTG and another for almost $10,000 to Milo from Ye happened on the same day.

The next day, after this news hit the fan, MTG released a statement via her campaign manager Isaiah Wartman, who distanced the controversial politician from the purchase.

“Congresswoman Greene knew nothing about the gross negligence made by a vendor and is being unfairly attacked as a result,” Wartman said. “The campaign was told the purchase was refunded. This wasn’t the case.”

Rolling Stone believes MTG responded quickly because she might get pushback from Trump supporters who might see this as support for his political opponent. There is a legal issue here, according to Rolling Stone.

“As a legal matter, there are strict limits on what one campaign can donate or gift to another, currently $2,000 a year under federal law. The purchase of a $7,000 website for Ye by the Greene campaign, executed by former ‘summer intern’ Yiannopoulos, exceeds that limit by a factor of more than three,” the magazine explained.

Investigative journalist, Laura Loomer, posted the entire complicated debacle on Twitter, connecting everything to Ye’s dinner with Trump in November 2022 at Mar-A-Lago.

She tweeted, “This is 100% solid evidence that @mtgreenee used her campaign funds along with Isaiah Wartman, her campaign manager, to purchase the Ye24 domain for Milo Yiannopoulos (the campaign manager for Ye) on the same exact day (November 22) that the dinner in Mar a Lago with Trump, Ye, and Nick Fuentes took place.”

She followed up, tweeting, “Exhibit A: Go Daddy Receipt that shows @mtgreenee ’s campaign mama gee Isaiah Wartman paid for the Ye 24 domain. The blurred-out section contains information that shows the number registered to the domain Belongs to MtG “intern” Milo Y, who was also Ye’s campaign manager.”

This story is developing.