Tsu Surf In Custody On RICO Charges After Dramatic Arrest; His Mother Reacts

Battle rapper Tsu Surf was finally taken into custody today on federal RICO charges after weeks of speculation. The rapper may never see a stage again.

Revered battle rapper Tsu Surf has finally been caught by the long of the law after weeks of speculation.

Tsu Surf, born Rahjon Cox, was taken into custody today (October 13th) and hit with Federal RICO charges out of Jersey City, New Jersey, according to Fox5 New York reporter Lisa Evers.

According to sources, Tsu Surf barricaded himself inside a building when he was approached by U.S. Marshals. He attempted to flee with his girlfriend but eventually re-entered the building.

A negotiation team was called to the scene, and Tsu Surf decided to surrender peacefully. He was taken into custody around 1:30 PM this afternoon.

Tsu Surf is being held in the Essex County Jail. As of press time, there is no detailed information about the rapper’s charges.

But the charges are severe, according to the Newark, New Jersey native himself, who often mentioned his affiliation with the Rollin 60’s faction of the Crips.

Last week, Tsu Surf hopped on Twitter using a burner account instead of his official handle and addressed the chatter brewing about his impending arrest.

“I prolly never step on a stage again….God has a way of Humbling Us,” the rapper wrote. “I can’t even act like I ever felt like my story would turn out like this…..”

He elaborated in an interview with the battle rap website HipHopIsReal.com.

“The decisions you make can carry you through your whole life. You could be in your senior year in college and make a left down one block and was supposed to make a right down that block, and that should affect you 30 years later,” Tsu Surf said. “Because if you would have made a left down that block, you would have met somebody that was going to be an executive at Google 10 years from now. Genuinely every decision you make affects your life. Just think before you speak. Think before you act.”

Tsu Surf’s mother addressed her son’s arrest on her Instagram account. In addition to a message posted on her IG Story, his mom vowed to support her son through the turbulent time in his life.

“This is my child and know that will forever be his support and when the smoke clears will be right here. Thank you for the calls, text, and dm’s,” she wrote. “The fight begins. Remember he has a daughter and a mother. This is where we see who the real from the fakes are. Know one thing my son is cut from my cloth and he gets it honest don’t m########### out of a bag please. So many have contacted me and showed me that they are there for us and I appreciate you.”