Tucker Carlson, Guest Claim Hip-Hop Culture Ruined Black People’s Higher Ambitions

Tucker Carlson

Fox’s most controversial blabbermouth was at it again last night (April 28th) during an episode where he blamed hip-hop for ruining Black America.

Soooo … does this lady on Tucker Carlson’s show think Hip-Hop has made Black people stop striving for “greatness” or white acceptance?

You be the judge.

Heather Mac Donald, New York Times best-selling author, was a guest on Fox Nation’s infamous show Tucker Carlson Today on Wednesday, April 28th.

During the episode that Mac Donald said she believes that rap music and the culture around it is one of Black people’s biggest hurdles in getting ahead – not systemic racism.

Mac Donald claimed that “it all happened in the ‘80s,” as she references the birth of Hip-Hop. She continued, “This steamroller of hatred towards greatness and it has never slowed down.”

The Thomas W. Smith Fellow continued on by stating that this era basically rejects white maleness.

“It came from a narcissism of the failed … it’s a hatred of a civilization deemed too white and male. There it grew out of this tragic pendulum swing within the Black civil rights movement that was, for so long, striving for the ideals that America was itself violating.”

Mac Donald even suggested that Black people like Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington lived up to the American expectation and were dignified in a way that Black Gen X’ers, Millennials, and Gen Z’ers have not.

“And then, it all swung past and you got the oppositional culture of the ghetto and hip-hop that came up, that now — now, all that striving for bourgeois normalcy is gone, and you have the glorification of gangster culture, which is tragic,” Mac Donald said.

She continued: “But, I think the Black radicalism drove a lot of this, and the growth of racial preferences, the dismantling of single standards of evaluations began in the 60s with preferences for admission. Then the females glommed on to that, you know, with feminism and their marginalization of males, and since then, the glorification of victimhood.”

So let’s get this right … Black radicalism of the 1960s and Hip-Hoppers dismantled the American standards, marginalized white males, and have the African-American community constantly glorifying being victims!