Tupac’s Lawyer Files Lawsuit To Get Rapper’s Memorabilia Back


(AllHipHop News) The estate of Tupac is fighting to get valuable items back from several dealers they claim are selling the rap star’s memorabilia without the proper permission.

Howard King, the attorney who represents Tupac’s estate, filed three lawsuits against the perpetrators selling or auctioning off items that once belonged to Tupac.

The auction house, Moments in Time is cited in the lawsuit, along with two other individuals.

Howard King maintains each one of the defendants illegally acquired valuable items Tupac once owned, from third parties who really had no rights to the property.

According to reports, these include Tupac’s driver’s license, his jewelry, and his passport, in addition to his handwritten scripts, lyrics, and notebooks.

Howard King is working to get the items pulled from Moments in Time and have them returned to Tupac’s estate.

Over the past several months, a variety of Tupac’s items have gone up for sale on the Moments in Time auction website.

These include Tupac’s high school love letters, his lyrics for “Dear Mama,” and the BMW that he was shot in, while he was riding along the Las Vegas strip in September of 1996 with Marion “Suge” Knight behind the wheel.