Turk Talks Birdman Blocking Reunion With Lil Wayne & Young Thug Naming His Album "Carter Six" (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Turk, formerly of the Hot Boys, filed a lawsuit against his old label Cash Money Records. The New Orleans native dropped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his legal issues with the company founded by Bryan “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams. Turk also explained how he believes Baby was the main reason he and Wayne were not able to reunite in recent years.

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“It was like somebody was stopping us from coming together. It was something,” said Turk. When asked what that thing was he replied, “It was Baby. I just feel like Baby stopped a lot of us. It’s just like if this is your boss [and] your boss don’t mess with him, so you don’t wanna mess it up with your boss.”

Turk has managed to join with Wayne for a series of show dates in recent weeks. He also reunited with original Hot Boys member Juvenile and former Cash Money in-house producer Mannie Fresh.

Besides both starting on the same label and in the same group, Turk and Wayne have more in common. Wayne is also suing Cash Money for unpaid royalties.

Some observers see the situation between Wayne and CMR being even more complicated because of the partnership between Baby and Young Thug. The Atlanta newcomer has even announced he is naming his album Carter Six.

Some view that move as an insult to Wayne since the delayed release of his Carter V LP is part of the conflict with Cash Money. Turk touched on Thugger’s decision to borrow the name from Weezy’s famed album series.

“I like Young Thug’s music,” Turk stated. “I think Young Thug wanna be Wayne whether directly or indirectly. He said it… I believe he looks up to Wayne.”

Turk added he thinks the media is making it seem as if Thug is being disrespectful toward Wayne, and the young rapper is playing into that narrative for attention. The BC interview also features Turk addressing his past addictions to drugs, the violent encounter with the police that led to his incarceration, and the infamous Wayne-Baby kiss.

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Watch Turk’s full interview below.