Twitter Erupts Over Neo-Soul Smack Down Brawl At Erykah Badu Concert

Erykah Badu

A fight broke out during Erykah badu’s concert, and social media is in disbelief at what happened during the soul singers performance!

The soulful and melodic Erykah Badu was performing for what seemed to be a packed crowd when a fight between two women in the balcony seats.

As Erykah Badu started to put some people in trances with her satin-like voice, she was interrupted by another person shouting “Oh my God. Why is y’all fighting? Erykah Badu makes y’all want to fight?”

The women tussled as they fell over rows of seats. An off-camera voice says, “break them up.”

At one point, one of the women, with a very flowery sheer shirt, is situated on top of the other — straddling several rows while showering punches on the woman’s head.

Erykah Badu never misses a note, singing her classic song “Window Seat” from the 2010 album New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) despite the commotion in the less expensive seats.

People tried to separate the two (maybe three) women from fighting. More voices yell as the fight continues, “Y’all missing the show.”

The dominant brawler didn’t care, and even looked like she wanted to give smoke to a bystander trying to diffuse the fight.

The video ends abruptly, but the concert didn’t. Reports say the show was one of her best performances even though the women were wilding out.

The musical mystic of all of Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop said the crowd would “go wild” after seeing her … she just didn’t think it would get this crazy.