Two More Victims Come Forward With Rape Allegations Against Ian Conner


(AllHipHop News) Ian Connor was known as one of the most prolific Hip-Hop stylists in 2015 and 2016, with an impressive resume that included working with big name rappers like A$AP Rocky and Kanye West.

The A$AP Mob affiliate had started building a reputation for himself, before he became even better known – for allegedly sexually assaulting women.

In April, two women spoke out about their encounters with Ian Connor and unfortunately, two more women have come forward to reveal that they were also attacked by the stylist, according to Daily Mail.

Taryn Williams, 23, told the publication that she was assaulted by Ian Connor in 2014 after being asked to visit him in California, while Jenni Stampley, 19, claimed to have been assaulted when she visited the stylist in Toronto in as recently as April.

Williams, hails from Los Angeles, told The Daily Mail that she visited Ian Conner at his Northridge, California apartment one evening. Things went awry after she decided to spend the night his residence.

Williams said she put on an over-sized jersey Conner encouraged her to wear, before he began touching her, which made her uncomfortable thanks to his aggressive behavior.

“He tried to put his face down near my v##### and I pushed him with my feet really hard and said, ‘Don’t, just stop it!’ It was at that point he grabbed my lower back and pulled me to him and he put his penis inside me,” Taryn Williams told The Daily Mail in a new interview.

“I pushed him out again and I said, ‘Please no, stop. This isn’t what I wanted and you said this isn’t what you wanted, why are you lying?’ I just kept saying that ‘Why did you lie to me?’ and he told me, ‘You’re being weird stop being weird,'” Williams claimed. “Then he just forced himself inside me and kept going. I kind of just was waiting until he was finished and I was crying and finally he was done and he fell asleep on the floor so I just made my way to the couch and tried to fall asleep.’”

To make matters worse, Ian Connor took to Twitter to deny the allegations. Not only did he Tweet that the allegations were “lies,” but the stylist also posted texts and videos of his conversation with his accusers.

Ian Connor has now been accused of rape by five women. One of his alleged victims was under the legal age of 16.

Both victims have started to pressure Kanye West to sever his ties with Ian Connor, who has worked closely with the producer/fashion maverick on his “Yeezy Season” fashion shows.