Tyga Faces Heavy Fines For Missed Court Date

Tyga May Owe $10k In Court Fees!

Tyga ha a new quandary to deal with.

This time the rapper has to contend with a former business partner than alleges the rapper used his clothing line designs without compensating him.

Tyga faces a $10,000 dollar fine because he skipped a court ordered mediation to settle the dispute.

Glennon Marrero, Tyga’s former partner, charges that he was never paid for his designs with th Last Kings clothing line.

sued the rapper last year over inappropriate usage over graphic design work. Marrero believes that Tyga used his designs for the clothing line Last Kings without proper compensation.

Tyga has maintained in public records the he gave Marrero a piece of the company, not necessarily monies derived from the work. Tyga also maintains that his former business partner left Last Kings in 2012.

In legal documents, Marrero outlines his case, charging that Tyga must pay up $10,900 in penalties.